Are you tired of becoming sleepy and lethargic sitting at your desk?

Do you want to feel more refreshed at work and in turn be more effective due to improved levels of energy and concentration?

A sit-stand workstation may be your answer!

Global studies show, on average, we sit 7.7 hours a day, and some results estimate people to sit up to 15 hours per day! Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to:

“For people who sit most of the day, their risk of a heart attack is about the same as smoking”
Martha Grogan, Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic

So maybe you’re an Office Worker who is feeling the pain of prolonged sitting. Or maybe you’re an Office Manager who would like to improve staff effectiveness and optimise your staffs work environment. The benefits of standing can no longer be ignored. Regular intervals of standing throughout the day has been linked to increased concentration and energy, improved posture, increased blood flow and accelerated metabolism.

My experience……..Although sceptical about the ‘sit-stand revolution’ at first, I recently decided to join the ‘sit standers’. Previously I needed a strong coffee after my lunch break to fight off an hour of ‘post-lunch lethargy and drowsiness’. Now I simply hit the stand button on my new workstation and stand for an hour after lunch –so far this has helped me stay energised, focused and alert.

It worked for me….maybe it’s your turn. You can check out Office Visions range of Sit stand desks at


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