The Purpose of the Humble Meeting Room

When you think of a meeting room, you think of a space where people meet, right? But what does that mean? Not all meetings are created equal. There are general meetings, for discussing work matters. Conferences for training or information exchange, often with someone outside of the company or immediate team. And board meetings, where the decision makers meet to discuss the company. Depending on the size of your Melbourne business and office space, you could have separate rooms for each purpose, or just the one room for all. Either way, when designing your office furniture fit out for your meeting room, or rooms, there are a few things to consider.

 General meetings

Typically general meetings include team meetings and one-on-ones. Team meetings examine how the team is tracking and address any team issues or concerns. While one-on-ones review individual performance and offer the opportunity for staff and management to connect. To avoid leaving people out during a team meeting, choose office furniture that can accommodate the right amount of people. Conversely consider how a table for fifty employees is appropriate if you want to create a friendly atmosphere for a one-on-one. You could consider a smaller table in the corner, or alternatively fit out your Melbourne meeting rooms with Flexi Tables. Versatile and flexible, they allow you to reconfigure a meeting room quickly and easily. With lockable castors and linking mechanisms to ensure they are level when joined together, they can also be stored when not in use.


A conference is when you hold training sessions, or when employees collaborate on an assignment or to problem solve. If you hold conferences, you’ll need a whiteboard and possibly computer screen, as well as enough space for people to play-act training scenarios or present to the group. A conference is not just for employee interaction though. Meetings with suppliers and clients are conferences. Organising external experts to come in and talk to staff are as well. Accordingly it’s vital that your Melbourne conference area be a space that encourages a friendly atmosphere, while reflecting your brand. You may also need the facilities to conference with anyone off site, in which case the room will need to be set up for phone and video conferencing.

 Board meetings

Board meetings are a more formal meeting and where corporate decisions are made. The decisions will affect the staff and business, so make sure your meeting attendees are comfortable and at ease. When people are comfortable they are actually invested in the meeting and not looking for the door, which means they are more likely to make the right decisions. Make sure you choose tables and chairs that are the right size and shape to accommodate the attendees and room. You will also want to utilise materials and colours for your office furniture fit out that inspire relaxation and boost focus.


Whether you have one meeting room or many, stylish and functional meeting rooms are crucial in today’s business world. The right office furniture fit out in your Melbourne meeting room, or rooms, will help encourage a collaborative and motivated team. For a complete range of meeting room office furniture options, call us on 1300 886 658, and organise to meet with us to discuss your needs.

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