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Trends in Office Design

There are many points to consider when organising an office renovation or office fitout. Outlined below are some current office space trends which will help you to cover the many facets of an office space when considering office design.

Informal Collaboration Areas

The importance of informal staff interaction cannot be overstated. Many great ideas have been generated by collaboration of staff at the office photocopier! THis type of collaboration is highly beneficial for communication between teams. Teams such a Sales and Production, which often lack in communication, can catch up on projects and developments in the company and bounce ideas around. /consider placing breakout seating and lounges in strategic areas around the office to assist in informal collaboration.

Quiet Spaces

Everyone needs to have somewhere quiet, whether to focus on a critical task or to make an important phone call. With the increase of open plan work spaces having quite spaces is critical. A great way to do this is to ad ‘phone booths’ and ‘work booths’ to your office. these are small covered in work spaces with acoustic surroundings to create peace and quiet in an open plan office environment.

Height Adjustable Desking

Sit-stand Workstations have been linked to improved levels of energy and concentration. For more information on this read our previous post on Sit-stand desks here.

Game/Breakout Spaces

It is becoming increasingly common to see ping pong tables pool tables in the workplace. Consider this new trend  to create a fun and active workplace that your staff enjoy coming to and working in. This will help boost morale and motivation in your office as well as help retain key office staff.


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